Achievements & Goals


In 2011 Kawa Training Center started its first pilot training with nine trainees. Some of these trainees had already been involved in the tourism industry and they gained additional skills. Others had never been guiding before and are now working as qualified tour guides.

As years have passed by, Kawa Training Center has grown both in size and capability. Word has spread about the quality of training at Kawa Training Center and we now have an annual intake of 20-30 students. In 2015 we managed to get our own building that accommodates all our training activities. We have an office, a classroom, a well equipped computer room and a small library.

We are conducting professional teaching in a range of subjects delivered by paid and volunteer teachers possessing different relevant skills and academic backgrounds. Our students are therefore some of the best qualified on the job market when they finish their education.

Between 2012 and 2018, 80 % of our students have found employment after graduating. This is a remarkably high number considering the extremely high rate of unemployment among young people in Zanzibar.

In addition, our students have developed a range of popular tours that are now being deployed professionally. These are the following: Stonetown City tour for kids, Ghost Tour, Street Life Tour,  The Viko tour and the Daladala Adventure, and Re-Cycling tour.

Kawa Training Center is certified by the Zanzibar Department of Vocational Training. We are broadly recognized in Zanzibar as an active NGO that organizes and participates in trainings and workshops within the tourism industry. Kawa Training Center’s network encompasses government bodies as well as other NGOs that aim to enhance the possibilities for the youth to find employment.

The main objective of KTC is to train qualified Zanzibarians for the tourism industry. Therefore it is an ongoing goal for us to improve the quality and sustainability of the training and make sure that we keep on meeting the demands of the tourism industry as well as our students.

Although the training of tour guides will always be one of the core courses we offer, we aim to expand into a training center of professional education, where dedicated people in the tourism industry can take courses and refresher courses in essential basic and more advanced subjects.  Those could be English and other languages, computer literacy, accountancy, product development, marketing, website building, customer relations, CV writing and job application training. We would also like to offer our graduated tour guide students a course in how to start up and run a tour operator business.

Empowering women through educating more female tourguides

The courses at Kawa Training Center are empowering young people in general, but the girls that are following the training are also being empowered as women. Educated female tourguides have great opportunities of generating income and with an income young women in Zanzibar are more able to make their own decisions and provide for themselves and relatives without depending on male family members.

The empowering potential of educating female tourguides is enforced by the fact that female tourguides have proven to be particularly spoken for by the tourism industry. So far, all of our female students have found work immediately after graduating. Yet, very few young women join our training and young women have proven to be extremely difficult to recruit.

In the near future we will focus more on the gender equality problems within tourism and tour guiding in Zanzibar and we will put a special effort into having more young women join our training.

Creating awareness about the environment

Zanzibar is facing a lot of environmental problems, deforestation, waste, overfishing and so on. We teach our students about the importance of the environment and motivate them to become active in protecting the environment and creating more awareness about the wellbeing of our planet. During the Sustainable tourism classes we focus on the impacts of Tourism, how to minimize the negative impacts and how to maximize the positive impacts of Tourism. We do beach cleanups, tree planting and visit local initiatives that aim to protect the environment.
We welcome anyone who can be of assistance in the realization of our goals to join forces with us.

Creating awareness about Zanzibar’s Historical and Cultural Heritage

Stonetown is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Its unique cultural and historical heritage is something to be proud of and it also needs protection.
We welcome anyone who can be of assistance in the realization of our goals to join forces with us.
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