Entry Course


Entry Course


Start with the basics! We offer Foundation course in different levels of English combined with career development, entrepreneurial skills and environment.

All Students are strongly recommended to start with the foundation course, it is good for orientation and to make sure their attitude towards studying and work is set for success. The course has a strong focus on entrepreneurial skills – we do this because it will give students the opportunity to earn and save money to pay for the next courses. An added advantage is that 2 most promising students of the foundation course will be offered a scholarship to join the hospitality course.

  • Start/Itaanza: 15 March, 21 June,  27 September
  • Duration/ muda: Miezi 3, saa 3-6.30 au saa 7.15-10.30 |
  • Subjects:
  • Foundation/ Elementary/ Pre-Intermediate English combined with Career Development, Entrepreneurial skills, Environment/ Masomo ya msingi ya kiengereza pamoja na Ujuzi wa ujasiriamali, mwelekeo wa kazi, masomo ya mazingira

Admission requirements

  • Tanzanian Resident
  • Age between 16-35
  • Fee: TSH 100.000 (Payment can be done in installments – You can apply for a Microfinance loan, learn now pay later when you have a job apply for a Pay it Forward loan at Kawa Training Center)

Registration requirements

  • Filled out registration form download here
  • Copy of identity card
  • 1 Passport picture

english1Level Test

For  all courses at Kawa (except English Foundation and Computer Basics and French and German Course) it is necessary to do an English level test before the start of the course.

The fee is  10.000 Tsh per person, it is a grammar test and oral test.

English level tests will be held before the new courses start, registration is required.



Pay it Forward

A number of students can pay part of their school fees by doing jobs for Kawa and being active in Kawa Clubs. Students can build up study credit in this way. Students who have proven to be credit worthy during the foundation course will be considered for a Pay it forward loan for the hospitality course. Contact us for more information about this.