Kawa Club


This club is an initiative of Kawa Training Center and its overall purpose will be for old students, graduates and current students to get to know each other, to organize fun and educational activities and to let members benefit from the courses that KTC offers.


A (small) yearly membership fee of 10.000 Tsh will be charged, it is valid until the August 2018. The fees are used to finance the events. In the future the Kawa Club will have its own chairman, secretary and treasurer elected by its members.


Join the Kawa Club today and fill out the registration form available at Kawa Training Center.

Download the registration form here: registration-20170226_163412form_kawaclub


  • Open to all graduated students, teachers, trainers, guest trainers and staff of KTC.
  • Fee: Tsh 10.000 (valid until August 2018)


  • You will get a 10% discount on any of the courses at Kawa
  • You will be the first to be informed about the new coursesstudents

Apply today for the membership; contact Desmon for more information 0777957995



Karaoke afternoon

8- September

Debate Afternoon


Treasure Hunt


Red faces night


Teaching day

3- November

Election day


Kawa Club Events:

Every now and then we want to organise a fun event or activity that not only gives us a reason to see each other, but also just to have fun and to network. For this club, we plan to organise activities such as; karaoke, debates, treasure hunts, teambuilding activities, etc. Here below is the schedule. Attached is also the explanation of each activity. KTC hopes to see you soon.

Karaoke afternoon – 8 September


On the 8th of September we would like to invite you all to KTC on Kiponda Street for a Karaoke afternoon. All songs are possible as we will have a computer with Youtube and text. So practice your singing abilities and join us for a funny and entertaining night.

Time: 16.30-18.00

Cost: Free for members – 1000 per person for non-members


Debate afternoon– 22 september


There are a lot of current issues that people have different opinions on. During this event we will be debating about a few. The debates will be done according to the English debate system and the groups will depend on the amount of people present.

Time: 16.30-18.00

Cost: Free for members – 1000 per person for non-members


Treasure hunt – 6 october


Most of you know the way through the streets of Zanzibar and you can even show the rest of the world the beauties of this city. During this event you will be walking through the streets whilst completing certain tasks. You need to document these while racing against the clock. At the start of the hunt you will receive a piece of paper with different activities on it (for example, take a picture of a banana at the old fort). The group (or person) who arrives first with all the activities completed will win a prize.

Time: 16.30-18.00

Cost: Free for members – 1000 per person for non-members


Red faces Night – 20 october


Red faces night is an event where you can show what your talents are. If you can dance, dance! If you like rapping, rap! if you like stand- up comedy, stand up! If you like Storytelling, Tell stories! You can do whatever you want. During the performance you will be judged by 3 judges who will eventually decide a winner. The winner(s) will receive a prize.



You can do it in a group or even on your own. Let us know beforehand if you wish to participate so that a schedule can be arranged.

Time: 16.30-18.00

Cost: Free for members – 1000 per person for non-members

Preparation:If you have decided to join, please make sure you prepare your act! Also contact the office with your act and how long it will take before the 13th of October.


Teaching day – 3 november


Everybody knows more about something than another, for example, how to make a basket out of bamboo or how to dance. Do you want to share your skills or feel what it is like to teach? During this event you can teach somebody else something that you know. You can see it as a small workshop day. Before this event a schedule will be posted on WhatsApp with times and places. Please make sure you are on time for every workshop.

Time: 16.30-18.00

Preparation: If you want to participate in Teaching day please apply through the office before 27-November. So that she can make a schedule with all the workshops. Look at teaching day for more information.

Cost: Free for members – 1000 per person for non-members


Elections day – 17 november


Time for Elections on who the chairman, the treasurer and the secretary will be. The applicants for these positions will present their ideas and motivation for the position and the club. After the speeches each person will vote for their favorite.

Time: 17:00 – 18:30

Preparation: All people who are applying for a position need to prepare a short speech of 2 min MAX. Applicants must notify the office before November 10