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In 2017 Kawa Training Center has initiated a new campaign that focuses on empowering Zanzibari women. The purpose of the campaign is to make more women join our tour guide training.  Since the beginning it has been Kawa training Center’s ambition to make young wowomen promotion filmmen join the program but they have proven to be very difficult to recruit.
At the same time the few women Kawa Training Center has managed to recruit throughout the years have been exceptionally successful. In fact all the female students we have trained have managed to find employment immediately after graduating.
It is our experience that women tour guides are particularly spoken for by the tour operators because they are popular among the tourists. Still the industry here in Zanzibar is massively dominated by men. By making tour guiding a visible choice for Zanzibari women this campaign aims to challenge this picture.

On behalf of everyone working at Kawa Training Center, we welcome you to join our campaign.





Why should I, as a woman, become a tourguide?

Women who join our training will be provided with career enhancing skills and as a licensed tourguide you will have a source of income.

You will not just learn about Zanzibari history, architecture and culture, guidebut also improve your English through English grammar classes. You will learn about Zanzibar’s rich nature and animal life and about how to take care of the Island through methods of ensuring sustainable tourism. You will learn about customer care and about meeting people who come from other cultures. You will learn about how to talk in front of an audience so that people bother to listen and without feeling too nervous!

All of these skills will make you an excellent tour guide, but they will also make you fit to work within a broad range of other jobs within the tourism industry.

On top of all you will meet a lot of other fantastic young people who, like you, will work hard to accomplish their goals. In the classroom you will work together, support each other and form valuable friendships.

Wanawake! Look here!

  • Would you like to earn your own money?
  • Would you like to be able to take care of yourself and your family?
  • Would you like to gain important skills that can take you closer to the life you dream of?
  • Would you like to broaden your horizon by meeting people from all over the world?

Then you should consider joining our tour guide training at Kawa Training Center.



Are you interested in joining the tour guide training but worried that it might be too expensive for you?

Don’t let that stop you! There are good options of raising your own school fees or getting a sponsorship!

Want to know more!?

Call 0777957995

1013545_10151961590681036_1389794932_nYou can also find more information about choosing to become a tourguide as a woman on www.kawatrainingcenter.com or at our facebook group ‘Promoting women in tourguiding’.